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About Me

Hi there, my name is Kamal and I'm the owner of Groovy Buffalo! I started this brand because I wanted to represent the City of Buffalo's love for others and love for the great outdoors. Groovy Buffalo is a brand that is about positivity, feeling free, caring about people and the environment, all while wearing some amazing high-quality clothing.

Our City and Groovy Buffalo

Groovy Buffalo represents the best of Buffalo! I want to show off the amazing people in our city. My clothes are designed by artists here in Buffalo, NY to support local designers! We also print all our shirts here as well! It is important to me that the clothing I sell doesn't harm the environment and add to the fast fashion issues of the world. That is why we use water based inks and eco friendly shirts! 

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Our Future

I started Groovy Buffalo because I am an engineering student with lots of ideas on how I can help my community. However, these projects often cost money so I believe providing high-quality products here on Groovy Buffalo will be a way to fund my future projects. I truly want to help people out and I appreciate every single one of you who support Groovy Buffalo!