Finding The Best Of Buffalo

Groovy Buffalo Spotlights

Our goal with Groovy Buffalo Spotlights is to build a community of people doing good in our city. Not just a clothing brand but a community. Rather than speak on someone’s behalf, why not let them have the microphone and tell you guys about their passions. We want to feature the best of Buffalo.

Ashley Hudson
Women of Wonder

Say hello to Ashley, the founder of Women of Wonder for our first ever Groovy Buffalo Spotlight! Women of Wonder believes in empowering young women and providing them with resources to help them achieve their goals. Ashley partners with local schools and organizations to directly teach girls about improving mental health, finding passion and purpose, and engaging in teamwork!

Danielle Little
Young Royalty Chess

Say hello to Danielle, the founder of Young Royalty Chess for our second Groovy Buffalo Spotlight! Danielle partners with local schools and organizations to directly teach students about chess and all the benefits the game comes with! Young Royalty uses chess programming to teach critical thinking and decision making to young individuals. Danielle is the perfect teacher since she is ranked as one of the best chess players in the country.

Andy Calderon
Starlight Studio

Say hello to Andy, an artist at the Starlight Studio for our third Groovy Buffalo Spotlight! The Starlight Studio is a supportive art studio that helps adults with disabilities on individual artistic growth. Artists like Andy get access to endless art supplies and demonstrations to help with their artistic journeys! They even get to sell their art at gallery showings organized by the studio. The Starlight Studio really is the best of Buffalo because they show care and compassion in all they do for our community.